Ron With Skull 11x15-2 _edited-1In his lifetime, Ron has written everything from humor to horror. Some say his writings can be found among caves drawings throughout the world. In high school, a classmate challenged him to write a story of how a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was instrumental in winning the Revolutionary War. He surprised his challenger with the tale, which he wished he had saved. He was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania before the discovery of coal. He has worked as a Special Agent for a Federal Agency. He is also a retired, U.S. Air Force Officer. Ron lives in Florida with his amazing wife Judy, who is a former fashion and photography model. As you read this, Ron is writing more novels for the fast paced, Johnny Sundance Mystery Series… JUST FOR YOU! So, stay tuned.

Private Eye Johnny Sundance is a native-born, Florida Seminole Indian. He is the former Chief of Detectives at the Eden Palms Police Department in the fictitious town of Eden Palms, Florida. Johnny is also a former FBI Special Agent. He’s a genius, who delights in solving cases others find too difficult to unravel.

Ron’s books combine mystery, murder, suspense, interesting characters, a dash of humor, and sometimes a touch of the supernatural.