A priest is brutally murdered. The killer is still on the loose. Will the assassin strike again? When Private Investigator Johnny Sundance takes the assignment, he immediately runs into problems. The case has gone cold. His star witness is dead. His best suspect turns out to be innocent. Time is running out. Will Johnny solve the murder before his client meets his own death? MURDER RITES is the first novel in The Johnny Sundance Mystery Series. 

A young woman is missing. The police have given up on her. Her mother is frantic. She doesn’t know where to turn. Is she alive or is she dead? This mystery takes Johnny outside his comfort zone on several levels. A mystical turn of events will surprise you.

A young man is found dead. All the evidence points to a suicide. His sister insists he was murdered. The police have closed the case. She is desperate. Johnny Sundance steps in to help her. The question remains, was it Suicide or Murder?

When two City Councilmen are shot to death in a sealed home, questions pile up fast. The ME insists they were killed 3 hours before the shots were heard. How could the time of death, and the time the shots were heard, differ so much? 

When the mutilated body of a young woman is found, questions pile up faster than answers. Who stole her brain? Why? How does it relate to the suicide of a fellow medical student who babbles in a language he never learned, telling the world that he is pregnant and abandoned

Murder, Mystery and Suspense is finally together in this exclusive 660+ page BOX SET #1 at “an offer you can’t refuse” price. Now you can read “MURDER RITES”, “MISSING OR MURDER”, AND “MURDER OR SUICIDE” for less cash than reading them separately.